Life is a great gift. But in order to live a prosperous life, we need a job. A nice job, which pay descent money, provide insurance and other benefits. Except for self-employed, all other folks depend on their employer. In fact, even self-employed people depend on their customer. There is a real chance to be forced out of job some day, or to leave a job due to other reasons. This could be a terrible experience. Most people think it will never happen, or it would be easy to find another job with all excellent credentials they have. Unfortunately, with ongoing trends of globalization, outsourcing, workforce¬†automation this assumption does not hold anymore. During the time of recession, it was always extremely difficult to find a job. What if you can not work full time by other reasons, for example you absolutely need to take care about your kid or parent? It is better to be prepared for this important event. After all groundwork completed, the job termination may come as a fortune, making a room for the next better chapter in our lives. It is always great to have some control of the future, isn’t it?

Currently I work full time, and a regular retirement age is still 15+ years ahead. I do not plan to retire any time soon. But situation may change. By that reason, I have a plan. In this blog, I wanted to share some ideas how to prepare to live without a job. To live a descent, high quality life with limited income. These ideas might be helpful for those who also would like to be prepared. It is possible in either way: collect enough savings/investment income, or reduce expenses. In fact, it is always better to explore both ways while paycheck still arrive on time. Build a career, earn more money and prepare for rainy days well in advance. It is not as difficult as it appears to be. It is just a matter of self-discipline combined with extensive knowledge about all great opportunities around. It is great to be financially independent. Plant a seed well in advance, to see it growing up into a great big tree. Joseph Henry wrote: “The seed of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them”. I hope this blog will help people to think differently, and enjoy better days ahead.

Thanks for your attention. I would appreciate any feedback you have.