Alliant Credit Union

Alliant is one of the largest credit unions in US initially started by United Airlines employees, with multiple branches across different states. They have pretty good rates for their savings account which I use, as well as a certificate of deposit.


Barclays is another excellent financial service I use. It is a multinational company with headquarters in London. In Unites States, one of their operations is online banking which offers great rates for savings account.

Goldman Sachs

GS is a famous financial company, which acquired GE Capital Bank with its excellent savings account . The rates are always higher than average. I signed up for this account when it was at GE Capital and still happy with the return.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PenFed is another large credit union operating online across all states. I used to have a home mortgage there and the rates were competitive at that time. Besides that, PenFed has some credit cards with generous rewards and no foreign transaction fee. PenFed is also known for charging the lowest fee for outgoing international wire transfers.