Forums and Blogs


This is one of my favorite sites. It provide a great overview of software products and other information, which may help people in their day to day life. They have articles on different topics: I am sure everyone will find something interesting there.


Great forum about investment and personal finances. I participate in this forum and find it quite useful.


This is another good forum. Although I am not retired yet, I find myself very curious about some discussions there. For example, in one topic they discuss the famous 4 percent rule and it nice to know different opinions on this important subject. It directly affects everyone who is preparing for early retirement.

Financial Samurai

This blog is about multiple interesting topics, such as investing, real estate, retirement planning and money management. Sam started his blog in 2009, when he was working like myself, and retired in three years after that.

Mr Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache and his wife retired from their tech industry cubicles back in 2005 with savings achieved through inexpensive life style. The blog is alive since 2011 and I find it quite useful for ordinary people like me. There is also a forum with numerous discussions on different subjects.

Mad Fientist

Mad Flentist and his laboratory developed numerous methods how to achieve financial independence with minimum effort and maximum result. There are some really useful articles about tax tricks which you will not find anywhere else.

My Money Blog

Jonathan is blogging for more than 10 years, and he started it while still at work like me. It has tons of useful information about investment, credit cards, cellular provider and much more. I definitely recommend this blog to everyone who is considering early retirement or just learning how to save and earn money.


Joe retired at 38 from engineering career, very similar to the one I currently have (even the same industry). Joe is very happy to escape from cubicle, while his wife is still working. Always great to see other people’s experience how to live a quality life on limited amount of savings and investments.

Go Curry Cracker

Jeremy retired in his 30s and travel around the world with his family. He has a plenty of inspiring articles about different parts of the world, and detailed guide how to live and travel with limited money to spend.

Root of Good

Justin retired at 33 to live a great life with his wife and kids, with no income other than personal investment. Although my situation is different, this is something very close to what I want to achieve for myself, if I forced into early retirement. I find this blog extremely informative and useful.