Cellular Providers


Verizon by far is the best provider in my area. But it is expensive. Therefore I use $20 data only prepaid plan from Verizon. It gives me 1GB of data per month. For occasional web surfing and email checking it is more than enough. There is no voice on this plan, and I use Hangouts app with GoogleVoice for conversations. This is for short calls. For longer calls I use home phone.


I have AT&T UVerse as Internet provider. Actually the choice is very limited in my area: Comcast or AT&T Uverse. I found UVerse a bit less expensive and more reliable than Comcast. I hoped for Google Fiber to come to the area, but Google apparently put this project on hold. Now I can not wait for 5G service to come. Traditionally there was a very little competition in this market and 5G may be able to solve this problem, by providing fast and reliable mobile connection which can complete with cable. We will wait and see.

I do not have a phone or TV service from AT&T. For the home phone I use Obi phone adapter, which is providing voice over Internet. It can be set up with Google Voice or other VOIP providers. I prefer Google Voice: it is reliable and voice is crystal clear. Besides that, it was always free in United States. But I do not mind to pay a small fee for this service, if Google decide to charge it some day.

PagePlus Cellular

This is MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which utilizes Verizon towers for cellular service. This company was around for more than 20 years. I did have their service before and was very satisfied with them. I did have $10 per 90 days prepaid plan with minutes rollover, which actually lasted beyond 6 months for me. But PagePlus is still using 3G service for its pay-as-you-go data and require to use older cell phones, which does not support 4G LTE. This was the major issue for me, and I moved to Verizon prepaid. But there are more Verizon MVNOs around now.


If you prefer to use AT&T, then this service may be of your choice. It is another MVNO which uses AT&T towers. They have many low cost plans, compared to AT&T. I used this service for a while. The reason I terminated it was poor AT&T coverage in the area where I live and work.